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About us?

Hotel Colonial Cancún

We are a hotel chain 100% Mexican, managed independently, in full growth, whose mission is the hosting services and food, excellent quality at the best price, companies of all levels, to frequent travelers they visit us for pleasure or business and vacationers who want to experience the unique blend of cultures, landscapes, people and gastronomy have become world famous for our country.

Why born the new chain?

Because the big chains have occupied all market segments, taking advantage of the economic potential of allowing them to leave out of business independent hotels that have traditionally paid hosting services and food and beverages to all leisure travelers business visiting the main cities of Mexico.

Because of this the decision to create a string as a homogeneous force was taken and taking advantage of the strength that the union can compete with these strings, using your location, knowledge of places and their sales team to promote themselves together standardizing their services, training human capital and having an easily identifiable by future customers, posesionándonos in the market as a valid option and prestige, which provides excellent accommodations, food and beverages at the best price corporate image.


"Being the leaders in offering hotel services in the downtown area of the city, obtaining profitability and maintaining the highest values and prestige of our category."


"Providing hosting services, food and beverages, the best quality at the best price."


"Being the first in infrastructure, technology and quality of services including hotels in our category in the center of each city."